Cardiovascular Health Support caps (2 & s/h)

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Immune & Anti-Fatigue
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Keep in a cool dry place.
Made in UK. S/H $5.95

This is for 2 bottles of Heartfast and FREE s/h.

Support Your Cardiovascular Health Naturally With HeartFast!

What's In HeartFast that makes it so effective?
180mg Allisure?Allicin Powder:
  Modest Vasodilator
  Immune Booster
  Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Reducer
  Blood cleanser
  Circulation Stimulator
  Virtually NO Side effects

150mg Omega 3 , 6 Powder (fish oil):
  Reduce risk of Coronary Heart Disease
  Stimulates circulation
  Reduces blood pressure
  Reduces Triglycerides
  Reduce risk of heart attack
  No major side effects with massive doses.

  Reduce risk of heart disease
  Improve immune function
  Decrease blood pressure
  Improve blood supply to peripheral circulation
  Improve healing time of internal organs
  Small dose reduces side effect profile

20mg Cayenne Pepper:
  Reduces cardiovascular disease
  Reduces platelet aggregation
  Increases fibrinolytic activity
  Improves circulation significantly
  Reduces blood fats and cleans arteries
  Low dose minimizes side effect profile


60 vegetable capsules 450mg
So how much HeartFast do I take?
The normal daily dose is 1-2 capsules taken with your main meal of the day. Can be taken orally in capsule form OR added to any food you enjoy! It's unique combination achieves synergy in small doses. The maximum dose is 6 capsules per day, split or added to beans!